Opus Orange approached Avant Gérard to create the packaging for the release of their album, Mile…Mile & A Half. Inspiration for the music stemmed from a hiking trip, taken over a period of 25 days, on the John Muir Trail. The trip was documented and turned into a documentary to which the album is the soundtrack. I created the cover originally from an acrylic painting I had made while listening to the soundtrack. I  took a scan of the painting and had a co-Avant Gérardian then take the scan into 3d and create a distorted extrusion of the 2 dimensional painting. Playing with the idea of depth perception, the packaging featured the painting and a 3 dimensional abstraction to mimic a flipped mountain to help create the visual abstraction representative of the music.


1280Wide_OO_CD_01 1280Wide_OO_CD_02 1280Wide_OO_CD_03