The folks at Matix Clothing had the idea to create a headphone line geared towards it’s athletes. Since it was a brand new category to Matix, we needed to create a way to introduce the product. Our first step was to create a few teaser ads that would precede the launch of the headphone line. After the introduction, a brand campaign was developed around the loose graphic representation of “wires” as the underlying theme carried throughout the athlete print and digital advertising, packaging design, and the microsite.


1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_00 1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_01 1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_02 1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_03 1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_04B 1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_04 1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_05 1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_06 1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_07 1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_08 1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_09 1280Wide_HDPHNS_CMPGN_010