While serving as Art Director for Matix Clothing, I was asked to rethink the identity of the company. The challenge was to refresh the brand without losing it’s equity. Through research we found that the core, fundamental element of why the company was originally founded was simple: it was to make durable denim pants. Thus, “Constructed for Durability” became the theme. A graphic system was developed to support the idea of “Durability”.

Since, the brands theme was decided, the next task was updating the logo. Matix clothing’s design direction was a minimal, clean aesthetic in it’s approach to cut ‘n sew. Taking the minimal cue, I decided to keep the icon, contain it, which helped give an alternative feel to it’s existence and create a custom logotype that would aid in the update of the brand. I used the subtle rounded portions of the mark in the counters of the letterforms, allowing the new logotype and existing mark to possess a visual cohesion.

1280Wide_MTX_RBRND_01 1280Wide_MTX_RBRND_02 1280Wide_MTX_RBRND_03 1280Wide_MTX_RBRND_04 1280Wide_MTX_RBRND_05 1280Wide_MTX_RBRND_06 1280Wide_MTX_RBRND_07 1280Wide_MTX_RBRND_08 1280Wide_MTX_RBRND_09