Esquire Network asked Avant Gérard to develop a show package for their Anthony Bourdain-produced travel show, The Getaway. The Getaway follows celebrity guests to their locations of choice in their selected destination city. I designed two directions for the initial presentation, in which the first was chosen. Direction one’s design is based on the simple concept of coordinates. The key elements of the first design incorporate the integral part of travel using a map, location coordinates combined with the movements of a compass. The design elements sit on separate planes, maintaining independent horizontal linear movement. Blips appear to help navigate the viewer through the global journey.

Direction Two is based upon the memorable colors, iconography and graphic systems we see while in travel. This direction offers a systematic approach told through bold graphic shapes, colors and letterforms. Each letter of the show’s title is represented by a different city that starts with the same letter, taking us through a fast-cut journey reminiscent of the editing style from 1960s Archigram films. The familiar letters from each city come together to create the show’s title, while the established colors and patterns guide us through the other creative elements.


1280Wide_TGA_ESQ_01 1280Wide_TGA_ESQ_02