USDAselect is the moniker of Art Director/Multidisciplinary Designer, Jason C Walker. Jason grew up with a father who built Harleys in the garage and a grandfather who worked in auto restoration, yet Jason, himself, rarely had interest in picking up a tool unless it was wooden–he spent most of his time drawing, drumming, and skateboarding. No, not at the same time, he wasn’t that talented. Yet, somewhere along the line he and his sticks sat behind a few crappy drum sets, (and one good one) for a small number of punk/post-punk bands. After realizing that art school was a possibility, he gave up touring and decided to pursue a degree from Art Center College of Design. Little did he know how doomed he would be. He should have learned to work on cars when he had the chance.

With a background in branding/identity, motion graphics, and type design, Jason has had the opportunity to work with such clients as Esquire Network, Matix Clothing, DVS Shoes, Diamond Shoes, Anthem Magazine, G4 Network, Weiden & Kennedy (Tokyo), USC School of Fine Art, HBO, MoCA, MTV/Viacom, Art Center College of Design, IBM, and started his career at Razorfish.

This site represents a small selection of projects he has had the opportunity to work on. There’s an “in process” blog that functions as an archive of past projects and miscellany that doesn’t fit here. Jason also runs Understated Press, a letterpress and screen printing shop catering to small-run art projects.

Hope you enjoy.